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In Gunn’s new show, Klum sees a place where people go to buy high-end fashion, not just to stock up on diapers and paper towels. As we’ve seen, the brand value of Amazon Prime Video is rising, and integrating the series as part of the storyline into the store – and watch – could solve that problem. The strategy could also solve a problem that some have with streaming services like Netflix that don’t have advertising.
Some analysts believe the cut could even change the way people buy fashionable clothes in some ways. Some luxury companies are reluctant to sell on Amazon because they don’t like how high-end products are positioned alongside other items from the tech giant.
The show could also change customers’ perceptions of what’s available on Amazon, luring shoppers of high-end fashion who subscribe to Prime to tune in to the show. While Netflix focuses exclusively on video, Amazon markets its Prime membership to serve customers who watch TV shows, listen to music and order paper towels and groceries. Bringing shows and movies to market that increase and expand Prime memberships is a top priority for Amazon Studios executives.
Analysts speculate that Amazon will eventually make it easier for viewers to order clothes and other items that appear in the series through Amazon retail outlets. Amazon announced on Wednesday that Prime subscribers who watch the Fire TV device that made the cut will be able to use their remote to shop for “winning” clothes and accessories with their Prime membership.
Other companies, including Walmart, Vudu and NBCUniversal, are introducing features that could inspire more shopping. During the broadcast, they show QR codes that viewers can scan to buy items they see on TV.
Contestants are given tasks, with the winning outfits being sold on Amazon immediately after the episode airs. Klum said customers would pay about $100 less for a “make the cut” store on Amazon. Apparel and accessories account for about 20 percent of the $35.79 billion in apparel and accessories revenue in the United States in 2013, according to the National Retail Federation, a trade group.
Amazon has struggled to gain a foothold in high-end fashion, which often has higher profit margins, analysts say, and people familiar with “Make the Cut” have played down the program’s potential impact on the company’s profits. Clothing is considered more profitable to sell on Amazon than other categories such as clothing, footwear and accessories. TCA’s Cheng said clothing sales would not be used to evaluate the programs.
Gunn, one of the show’s hosts, stressed that the partnership with Amazon would not affect the work of the designers.
While most other designers who exhibited were able to meet their scheduled dates, Sood said there was a 75 percent drop. Many international buyers cancelled their trips, and some designers were unable to make new contacts this season. It was difficult to make new contacts, so many had to cancel, according to the designer.
According to WWD, the week of February 28, 2020 is the worst the American market has seen since the 2008 recession.
Capri Holdings, which owns Michael Kors, Versace and Jimmy Choo, has already closed 150 stores in China and forecasts a 10% to 15% decline in the US fashion market. Chinese workers are advised to stay at home, and many factories are struggling in this country, although this is particularly damaging for the industry, given how much fashion is produced there. According to Statista, China accounted for more than 40% of the global fashion industry’s total sales in 2018.